Thursday, 9 February 2012

Schools are meant to be Cool!


Nana dulu bersekolah di Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan (Perempuan) Methodist. Heard of it? Methodist Girls' School? MGS? Yeah. That very popular girls school filled with pretty hot chicks. Dari Darjah 1 sampai la Darjah 6. Form 1 Nana pindah to sekolah agama. SMKA(P) Al-Mashoor Perempuan. (read:Nana tak pernah berkawan dengan lelaki sebab memang tak de lelaki pon sepanjang sekolah rendah dan menengah)

During my school days, Nana dikenali sebagai Iziana di kalangan cikgu-cikgu. But later I heard people calling me Nadia. It sounds better. Later, my friends started calling me Nadia. My friends are mostly Chinese, being the majority in MGS. My bestie is Dieu Yuen Chiew. She is my bestest friend ever! She is currently in Australia. Her boy is super cute, super hot!

Can you spot me? I am squarely in the middle of the picture behind my two teachers! My Yuennie is on the 7th from left, middle row standing. Guessed Pei Shan broke the chain I had with Yuennie. I missed Yuennie damn much. How I wish I can hug her. A moment ago, I was chatting with Wadah. Wadah is third from left, last row standing. Thanks for reading my blog Wadah dearie.

School was fun. Everything is still fresh in my mind. Each and every classrooms I've been in. Each Class Teachers. Each dear friends (though I might forget some name, dah tua dah)... I love MGS!

But I gotta say this school below is seriously way cool. Check it out.

Cool aite? Cool gila! This school is in Stockholm. No walls and veeeeeery open. There are five zones in it namely The Cave, The Lab, The Camp fire, The Watering Hole and The Show Off. These student from Vittra Telefonplan definitely never have to come up with any excuses or MC. School is play ground!

Credit modern


Iziana Nadia Ismail

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